Review Policies

What I Review

I mostly review young adult literature (dystopian, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, mystery, romance),with the occasional middle grade novel. I also review adult titles that might be appropriate as silent reading/pleasure reading suggestions.

Essentially, I review books with appeal to high school students (books meant for an age range of 12-19 years old), or parents and teachers.

Reviews on this blog are written honestly and I try to make sure they are balanced. Some reviews might be cross-posted to Goodreads and/or Amazon. Summaries and images are usually taken from the publisher’s website, or from Goodreads.

My reviews are based on whether or not I would recommend the novel to my students, other teachers, colleagues in my department, and parents. I also consider which types of students would enjoy the novel.


The books I review are either provided to me by the publisher or author, borrowed from the library, or purchased by me.

Promotional Posts

My blog mostly focuses on education-related and book-related content from a teacher’s point of view. Although I proudly read YA and want to encourage all kinds of reading for pleasure, at this time, I am unable to participate in promotional posts such as cover reveals.

A note about blog awards:
Please don’t be offended — but right now, I don’t have the time to accept and give proper attention to blog awards.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. echoesofthepen
    May 07, 2014 @ 00:30:48

    An excellent approach to book reviews, and one I’m sure that both yours and other students will appreciate.


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