Teacher by day, YA book nerd by night. Slave to my furry rescue pets and one-year-old youngling.

I am a high school teacher interested in technology, social media and assessment for learning. I’ve been teaching since 2004, which was when I left behind my days spent chasing stories, writing scripts and trying to stay on top of every. single. story. happening in the world because I was working in broadcast journalism.

As a teacher, I’ve taught ESL and special needs learners (low incidence & autism-spectrum), and those experiences have influenced how I approach my role as an educator.

I currently teach English in Vancouver and I love how the job allows me to talk about stories and characters, and share my love for reading and writing. Yes, I’m a YA book geek, and I’m proud of it. 🙂

I keep a course blog (homework/class summaries) for students and parents over at:  www.jtongvsb.wordpress.com   I update it by posting via email, so it actually doesn’t take too much time to maintain, and it seems to help students and parents.

And when I taught special needs, this was the class website & blog that my students wrote for because I wanted them to have an authentic audience for their journal writing:  www.bynglals.webs.com

Thank you for visiting this blog and please keep in touch!


Email me:  jaimetong [[AT]] gmail [[DOT]] com

A note about blog awards:
Please don’t be offended — but right now, I don’t have the time to accept and give proper attention to blog awards.




Your thoughts?

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