231804Hard to believe we are down to the final two weeks of classes. This year has just flown by incredibly quickly.

Saving one of the best novels for last, my English 8s are wrapping up The Outsiders. I love reading the final chapters aloud because the students’ reactions to the final lines of the novel are priceless. You can see the lightbulbs going off. Today, students were randomly placed into groups, and each group had 15 minutes to create and perform a major scene from the novel. One student said my course was his favourite class.

My English 10s and 12s are in exam prep mode. The provincial exams for English Language Arts will happen in a couple weeks, so I’ve been spending class time having them work on old exams, to get a sense of how quickly the minutes can tick by, and to practice and apply test taking strategies. Not the most exciting classes, but it can’t hurt them to be prepared.

My 12s are feeling bittersweet about the end of school. Just like the main character in Paper Towns, students are realizing that these next weeks will bring forth some of the “last times” of their high school careers. After this month, they may never see some faces ever again, which is a strange thought, considering they’ve spent nearly everyday together for the past five years. At the same time, they are burnt-out and stressed from year-end projects and tests, and university/college acceptance/rejection decisions, and summer break can’t come soon enough.

I’ve already started my unit planning for next school year and am excited by one thematic unit that’ll make connections with a couple of movies, a few new (to me) short stories, and one controversial novel.