I’m one of those teachers who prefers to teach new novels every year or two, so this year, I’m adding Paper Towns by John Green to the mix for my English 12 classes.

We’ve already looked at The Great Gatsby and Hamlet, so I figured it was time to move the timeline up to present-day. Specifically, the teenaged-view of the present and future.

Below is a link to the unit overview (I create one of these for each novel study).

Paper Towns Unit Overview


In other news…

My Grade 8 Calligraphy Club is going strong. We’re using old-fashioned dip pens and India Ink to practice our calligraphy at lunch. (A benefit is that students are off-line for those 30 minutes, and doing something hands-on and right-brained.)

Just finished reading Every Day by David Levithan. It was a recommendation from a grade 10 student in Book Club because we read Boy Meets Boy by the same author a couple months ago. I finished it within days. Would love for Levithan to continue the story in a sequel.

Will be watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a few weeks. I’ll probably be the only person in the theatre, since I’m also probably the last person on earth who hasn’t seen it yet.

My toddler daughter’s obsession with Frozen has waned ever so slightly. She’s now moved on to Minnie Mouse. :/