It’s been quite a few months since I’ve blogged…any almost two years since I’ve written anything related to teaching and learning.

This week was my first week back-to-work since I disappeared on maternity/parenting leave.

My first few days were definitely exhausting. I blanked-out a few times and rambled until I caught my train of thought again. My voice ran out of steam partway through the days because I’m no longer used to talking this much. My appetite hasn’t quite synced to the scheduled times for break and lunch. I’m not as fast with remembering names. I got lost a few times…which is embarrassing since the building is essentially one big square.

But overall, it’s GREAT to be back in the classroom. I am remembering how much I enjoy presenting stories and ideas to students, and hearing their opinions and interactions.


Highlight of the week

Conflict Skits — I’ve been focusing on the literary term of conflict all week. For the final activity, students formed groups and acted out examples of conflict types (person vs. person, p vs. nature, p vs. society, p vs. the unknown, p vs. self).

It was entertaining — there were gorillas, ghosts, paranormal activity, fake-fighting, and various internal monologues being acted out.  Lots of energy and audience participation in guessing which type each group was presenting.