I’ve been thinking about a situation that’s come up over the past month and how it relates to the assessment for learning idea of failure not being an option.

What should be the approach towards students in senior English class who can’t produce work to grade level? Particularly if they are ex-ESL?

My automatic reaction is to put in place many extra adaptations in order to help them succeed.

I can:

-give extra time,

-have the student redo assignments,

-look more closely at content,

-hold a tutorial session,

-provide help during class time while other students are working,

-allow peer editing

-create additional, alternate assignments

-collaborate with the Skills teacher (if they have a skills block).

These are options that I could offer to all my students, and I apply them on a case-by-case basis.

But when a student needs many of these options in order to produce an acceptable product, I wonder how far I’m supposed to go with AFL strategies.

At what point do I fail an assignment so that the student’s ability level can be documented? (And therefore proper course placement or supports can be re-evaluated?)