I took a class on HTML and CSS coding last week to learn more about building and tweaking websites under the hood. It was organized by this non-profit group and the set-up wasn’t too bad, considering there was only one instructor and at least 40 students. Everyone brought their own laptop and sat in groups of 4-6. There were at least one or two mentors at each table to circulate and help. The instructor used a microphone and presented her material via a projector and orally. We had her slides on our laptops, and she would periodically stop to assign tasks as a way of checking for comprehension along the way. 

This was mostly a refresher for me, although I’ve never played around with CSS before. I sat at the back, and what was interesting was seeing how different people approached the content and dealt with their frustrations. Some plugged away at the assignments and asked for help from mentors. Others spoke with people at their table when they got stuck. A few didn’t ask for help or confirmation almost the entire day. And one person even broke down in tears and disappeared during the culminating assignment rather than ask for help and try again.

I know there’s a connection to Mindset in all of this…but I still have summer brain and will get back to this thought later.