I’m a few weeks into an ed. tech course and one topic I’m focusing on looks at ipads and whether or not they can be integrated in a meaningful manner.

I’m all for having tech in classrooms when there is a clear reason to use it, but when it comes to the ipad, I think it’s especially important to capitalise on the apps and the ways the ipad can also be used by students to create something. Otherwise, why favour the ipad over using a laptop, or even plain old pencil and paper?

Seymour Papert (of Mindstorms and LOGO turtle fame) warned about the “conservative bias” in education towards new media. This still happens when I see schools using laptops or ipads just to present lessons stored online somewhere. Tech integration should be more than just saving lesson plans or assignments online for students to access on their devices during class. (And it should be more than just showing related youtube clips, too.)

So how do we avoid conservative bias? I guess the notion that I’m moving toward is that maybe we teachers who integrate tech also need to become as knowledgeable and comfortable as possible with it or else that conservative bias could creep in.

And maybe this is where my Type A personality comes in…but I’m starting to think we also need to learn how to program and even make apps, and also expect that (to some extent) of our students.

Just some thoughts as I mull over the readings for the ed tech course.