This is a photo of the new arrangement of desks that some of my students came up with on Friday.

It was interesting to see and hear the kids’ thought processes. (I say ‘kids’ but this was a group of grade 10s & 11s).

They were conscious of how everyone should have a view of the front, they tested out leg room and room when chairs were back to back, they started again from scratch a few times when a particular design had problems with me being able to circulate.

At the end, they were so interested in the challenge, they asked if they could stay later to finish ( Friday afterschool!). And when they were done, they were so proud, they told their friends, so I had students popping their heads in after school to check out what they did.

We’ll see how it goes when all my classes sit in this arrangement.

It made me think that these students can be motivated and self-directed if the right situation presented itself. But I don’t know if I could re-create that with my course curriculum.