This is a bit of a cross-post since I first wrote about this over at  but I wanted to also document it here on my blog — so apologies if you’ve already read about this!

I have been using WordPress to organize my Planning 10 class by putting related links and assignments online and directing students to the site so that everything is in one spot. It’s also been good to have a public site because I can send parents to it whenever they ask what assignments their child may be missing or currently working on.

The latest assignment is related to a unit on researching post-secondary education and training options. Part of the unit brings up the idea of identifying what your interests, attributes and preferences are. So I have been sending students to various online quizzes and questionnaires.

To allow for a bit of summarizing and reflection, I’ve created a Google Docs Form for students to complete after they finish each quiz. The great thing about the form is that all the answers are sent to a spreadsheet in my Google Docs account, so I can see how many students still need more time. The form is embedded right onto my assignment page, so students just keep my course page open in one window, to have access to the G-Docs form, while trying the quiz in another window.


Here is an example of one of the forms: