I’ve taken two grade 10 classes to the computer lab over the past few weeks for word processing and to try out glogster. Both of those classes had too many students who used the time to “multitask” by clicking over to facebook periodically. Compulsively. Meanwhile, deadlines were looming and I was the only one who seemed stressed.

Yesterday, I brought another grade 10 class to the lab. This time, the students had to use the web to look over some info. I directed them to another WordPress site where I saved the link, so that they wouldn’t need to type a long url into the browser.

Pigs must have been flying in downtown Vancouver yesterday because practically none of the students left that info site. I didn’t see any navy blue, or status streams, or chat windows, which I was starting to hate a couple weeks earlier.

I am rethinking bringing those other blocks to the lab again. Right now, I don’t like facebook.