Here’s an updated list of apps for the iPad2 that I’ve tried out:

Most of the entries are educational apps — math games and flashcards at the elementary level since my special needs students are on modified curriculum. There are also a few apps on the list where there isn’t much to do aside from reading and flipping through pictures, but the content might be of interest to some students just for something to read.

I also included a few apps that educators might find useful. I’ve had my ipad2 for a couple months now and I appreciate how light and portable it is. I still need my laptop for longer writing because I can type & edit so much faster on a proper keyboard, but for activities like taking notes at a workshop, the ipad will do.

So, as an educator and someone who spends time online, my frequently-used apps are:

Evernote:  you can take notes off-line, sync and access them across all devices;

PlainText:  for uncluttered word processing; syncs to DropBox;

Flipboard: for scanning my Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr, and other sites or feeds.

Feedly: for when I want to spend more time going through my Google Reader feeds. This app presents them in a magazine format;

Instapaper: for saving #longreads for when I’m offline; this app was about $5;

*A free app to consider, instead of instapaper:  iChromy — it’s a web browser (similar to google chrome) and it allows you to save items for offline reading;

HootSuite: for serious tweeting action;

Diigo:  I share links with a group of colleagues on our diigo group page, so the bookmarklet helps me save links we might need later; (terribly clunky steps to install it though….);

I also have AppShopper installed. This app allows you to create a wishlist of apps. It will notifiy you of any sales or price changes. Useful if you’re not in a hurry to have a particular app. I’ve purchased a few games on sale after AppShopper has reported a price drop.